Build Habits. Not Regrets.


Introducing Inhabit,

A workplace tool to help you build habits for better behaviors, make progress towards important goals and maintain new healthy habits.


It started with a simple question,

"Why can't I sustain a good habit even though I'm excited to have one?"

Our solution is straightforward;


Why it works


How it works


Get started

  1. Write out your habit
  2. Choose your accountability buddies
  3. Choose a daily reminder time
  • You're set

Message team members

Stay accountable to your work-friends.

Leverage your "social credibility" to become the best version of yourself.


Get motivated by your friends' activities

Seeing them do stuff will give you the needed boost to get shit done.

Collaboration tool

Keep track of your daily habits.

Mark activities started and complete to track your progress for yourself and your buddies.

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Stay ahead of your tasks with daily reminders.

"I forgot", is not going to work anymore.


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Add it to your workspace today!

Inhabit can be great for enhancing team culture as colleagues form a bond over common struggles of habit building and develop meaningful relationships


Wanna help us out?

We are a super early-stage product team and we would love to talk to about how your experience with inhabit has been and what you would like to change about it.

We just want to collect honest 1-1 feedback.

No spam. Ever.

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